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Kevin Klimack SEO consultant
Hello, my name is Kevin Klimack. I am an Online Presence Manager & freelancer living in Winnipeg, Canada. This is where I post many things about the online world and how to get your brand found . SEO, social media, on-page SEO, and most importantly... how to cut through all the garbage and get to what actually works . I started after I sold my software CyberCafePro to show that even the little guys can get to the top of search engines and find new & ethical ways to get people to find you.

Web Presence Simplified

Stop listening to the Facebook SEO gurus. Start working for yourself!
Learn how to build your web presence... Step by Step

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How to Get Your Business Found Online!

I will help your business get found using proven techniques in SEO, Local SEO, Citation building, and so much more.
Learn about fine-tuning your own website, get tips, or I can provide you with a complete solution.
Don’t navigate the always growing Internet alone...

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SEO and Online Presence is Important

Search Engine Optimization

Get more organic traffic to your website from Google, Bing, & Yahoo! using proven SEO techniques.

If your business can’t be found on these search engines… it is invisible on the Internet.

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Local SEO

Local SEO is essential to make sure your business can be found on listing sites quickly while people are on the move or searching for a business near them.

These sites can differ based on industry, city, & country.

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Local SEO is essential to make sure your business can be found

Internet Cafe Software by CyberCafePro

The offical help guide for CyberCafePro cyber cafe software.

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