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Kevin Klimack

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Kevin Klimack

This is what I can help you with.

Search Engine Optimization

Get more organic traffic to your website from Google, Bing, & Yahoo! using proven SEO techniques. I only use clean SEO practises.

Responsive Website Design & Updating Service

Get your business a new website or get up-to-date. If you need a mobile friendly website or your website is not performing... I can help.

Online Presence Management

Get found on local listing sites like Google Local & Bing! Local. Also get found on Social Media, Citation & industry specific websites.

The most common question I get is “What is the most important thing I should focus on with my SEO?”.

Is it Keyword Research? Yes it is Keyword Research!

Is it Content Writing? Yes it is Content Writing!

Is it Citation Building? Yes it is Citation Building!

Is it Social Media? Yes it is Social Media!

Is it On-Page SEO? Yes it is On-Page SEO!

Is it Off-Page SEO? Yes it is Off-Page SEO!

Wait… Which is the best SEO factor?

The answer is... all of them. There is no #1 SEO technique which will "win" Google for you. Nope, not one… it is all of them.

To rank at the top of Google or other search engines you need to build a reputation and keep building it. The old days of stuffing a few keywords into a page and watching it grow are long gone, and they aren’t coming back.

Each business is different. To be successful you must figure out which is the most important for your business and then execute.

Who is Kevin Klimack?

...and how you can contact me!

Kevin Klimack

Online Presence Manager

My job is to guide your business through the online world and get your brand found. I know how to cut through all the distractions and get to what actually works . I started after I sold my software CyberCafePro. I am here to show you that even the little guys can get to the top of search engines and find new & ethical ways to get people to find you.