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CyberCafePro Internet Cafe Software

Hello again! Many of you will remember me and I look forward to getting to know new CyberCafePro internet cafe software users!  My history with CyberCafePro Internet cafe software goes all the way back to the year 2000.

To be clear, I am not an employee of CyberCafePro but worked for the company for 15 years (and even owned for 2 years) . There is nobody on the planet that knows CyberCafePro or cyber cafes like I do.

I started this section to help CyberCafePro Free users help build a better business. CyberCafePro is a great tool in the Internet cafe software industry It is easily #1 in my opinion.

My goal is to help you get the most out of CyberCafePro cyber cafe software and also boost your profits. You can maximize security and procedure in seconds to help make your internet cafe or game center far more profitable.


I am here as a resource to help you. The management of CyberCafePro has even changed the Support link on to land directly on this site. I am not a paid employee by CyberCafePro.


CyberCafePro has many powerful features to help you be more profitable and secure with your cyber cafe. Here is the setup quide.

Getting Started with CyberCafePro

CyberCafePro Internet cafe software (also known as cyber cafe software) is a free internet cafe management tool designed to act as a point of sale and security app. There is no charge for any aspect of […]

Configuring the CyberCafePro Server

Only an employee with proper permissions defined in the Employee Setup form can set up or alter the configuration of the CyberCafePro Internet cafe software server. Your center must have at least one employee with administrative […]

Setup Your Admin Employee in CyberCafePro

Employee setup is one of the most important aspects of CyberCafePro free internet cafe software. It is very important. It is very important because this control what each individual employee can do in your business. You […]

CyberCafePro Pricing Setup

CyberCafePro’s most important and powerful feature is the multiple ways you can setup pricing in your cafe or location. This internet cafe software gives you the option to sell your PC time ahead of time or […]

Account / Timecode Setup

The most popular method of charging customers in an Internet cafe or timed business is pre-paid.  This method ensures the owner get paid for the time the customer uses.  CyberCafePro gives 2 option to pre-charge customers. […]

How to Stop Time Stealing?

CyberCafePro is a very secure software package but unfortunately it has to play within the restriction and rules of the operating system.  This can cause security holes but luckily this security hole is very easy to […]

Allow or Restrict Internet Access in CyberCafePro?

Some locations such as community centers do not always want the users to be able to access the Internet from the public access station. CyberCafePro allows a few ways to disable access to the Internet. Disable […]

Setting Up Point-Of-Sale (POS) Items

The point-of-sale is one of the most useful features in CyberCafePro.  Not only does it keep you organized and help you collect money, but it saves you from having to spend huge dollars on a stand-alone […]

Using the POS Item Matrix

The POS Item matrix is a very handy way to see your entire POS and inventory in a nice neat package.  You can use this “matrix” to view stock levels, change prices quickly, or even print […]

CyberCafePro Tax Setup

Navigation: Admin icon>Pricing and Stock Setup>Taxes Use the first section of the Tax Definition box to define local taxes. The POS supports up to three different taxes. Each tax can work independently or cumulatively (tax on […]

CyberCafePro Discount System

Navigation:  Admin icon > Pricing and Stock Setup > Discounts You can create discounts to be applied to individual sales (but only if an employee who is logged on is authorized to use or apply discounts). […]

Editing Employees

Adding an employee is similar to adding an Admin employee.  CyberCafePro provides a few template to make adding Part-Time, Full-Time, and management employees also.  You can also clone other employees for quicker setups. Navigation:  Admin icon […]

Setting up Client Computers – Security Tab

Navigation:  Admin icon > Setup > Client Settings > Security The Client Settings screen contains six tabs, where all the security for the CyberCafePro Client is set up. All the security for the CyberCafePro Clients is set […]

Setting up Client Computers – System Settings Tab

System Settings Tab (for Clients) The options listed under the System Options heading encompass computer functions which you can allow or disallow your customers to use: Enable PC Sound: This option enables or disables the default […]

Setting up Client Computers – IE Tab

Internet Explorer Tab Use the Internet Explorer tab of the Client Settings screen to set options for Internet Explorer on the Client machines. This tab contains these Internet Explorer options: Disable viewing local files: Blocks user from […]

Setting up Client Computers – Advanced Settings Tab

The advanced tab contains many features which the average CyberCafePro Internet cafe location will not use.  Many of the features are very useful for solving issues in your location or tweaking your setup. Below are the […]

Setting up Client Computers – Help Tab

The Help tab is used to offer your customers some guidance during their sessions. You can specify normal text, in which case the Client internal skin Help screen will be used to show the text, or […]

Setting up Client Computers – Marquee Tab

Marquee Tab – Floating Promotional Textual Marquee Ads Navigation: Admin icon>Setup>Client Settings>Marquee Use the Marquee tab to promote products or services. Here you can create messages or advertisements that scroll across the login screen that is […]

Accounts Pricing Setup

Setting Up Accounts Pricing Parameters Navigation: Admin icon>Setup>Accounts/Codes To set up default pricing parameters for new accounts: Define the length of each Timecode.  The code will appear as a unique alpha-numeric code which your customer will […]

Adding Your Logo to the CyberCafePro Client

If you wish to display your own logo (or sell advertising for that spot… MONEY MAKER!) in your location, you can set the path to the banners file in which logos are stored in each Client […]

Reservations System in CyberCafePro

Click the Reservations icon at the bottom of the Main screen to access CyberCafePro’s powerful reservations system for your café’s busy times. Features include locking available computers, setting for how long that reservation will be honored […]

Manual Timers for Non-Computer Timing

Creating Manual Timers CyberCafePro allows you to create timers linked to prepaid accounts to automatically track the time and deduct prepaid minutes.  You can also create manual timers which are Play & Pay capable.  These are […]

Sales Receipt Setup

Setting Up Receipts Navigation: Admin icon>Pricing and Stock Setup>Receipt Setup You can set up all parameters related to receipt display and printing. To set up receipts: Select which printer will be used for receipt printing and […]