SEO – Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the method of increasing quality traffic to a website through organic search engine results on search engines such as, &

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What are White Hat SEO techniques?

White Hat SEO (or ethical SEO) means that your website is following the rules the search engine likes.  You are not trying to use under-handed or tricky methods to get higher rankings.

These techniques include using keywords and keyword analysis (analytics), back linking,  improved link popularity, citations, schema, and writing content that will appeal to human readers.  These show search engines such as Google that your website is a long-term project and you are serious about being ranked.

What are Organic Results?

Organic results are listings that you have earned and did not pay for.  The goal of any serious SEO campaign is to get you as close to #1 on all major search engines.

I believe heavily in boost organic results as much as possible.  Your website is stronger when more people can find it organically.  The listing will remain strong even if you do not purchase ads etc.

SERP Results
My techniques have earned the #1 spot out of over 5 Millions results in the “internet cafe software” category.

With paid results, your traffic goes down as soon as the dollars run out.  This isn’t a long-term solution unless your website has a large long-term budget.