Set Up Google Analytics ASAP!

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for any freelancer.  This free tool from Google gives you insights on who is visiting your website, what they are looking for, where they are from, why they are there, and for how long.  So valuable!

Google analytics for freelancers

How to Find Google Analytics?

You can go to Google Analytics by following this link or by searching Google.

Login using your existing Google account (Gmail, Youtube etc...) and continue with the setup.  It is pretty quick and easy to setup.

What Does Google Analytics Do For My Business?

GA will give you more insights than you know what to do with!  

Realtime insights on who is on your website, and from where.  You can also see how those users found you (traffic sources).

Audience reports to give you insights on the history of your users including demographics, interests, geography, and on which devices were used to find your website.

Acquisition reports tell you how the traffic reached your sites and using which methods.  Ads? Search? Social Media?

Behavior reports give you access to all the information about your website and how it is affecting page views, time on site, and bounce rate.  This also includes site speed, landing page info, exit pages, and other site content stats.


Make sure you sign up for Google Analytics.  You will use it daily.  It is the best free decision your business will ever make.