META Data and Web Presence?  Does it Matter?

META Data and Web Presence? Does it Matter?

When you have a website you want it to look as good as possible.  You add text and images to attract people to what you want to tell them.  You describe what you are selling or describe an event.

META tags are the same idea but are not visible on the page except in the website's code.  META tags describe the content of the page for search engines and also give instructions what information should be indexed etc.  

The META tags always appear in the <head></head> of the web page.  Your website person will know where the META tags belong.  If he/she doesn't... find a new website person.

For this page some of the META tags are in the image below.

An example of META tags

Title & Description Tags

The <title> and <description> tags are the most important tags for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as they dictate what listings should say and what words are important during a user's search.  While different search engines uses different techniques, it is good practice to use these tags to influence how your listing will appear.

The <title></title> tag is what the the search engine will see as your title and usually appears as the big clickable area of the listing.  The title tag also appears on the top of the browser page.

The <description></description> tags tell the search engine what important information should appear under the title in a Search Engine listing.

Other tags can be used to influence many websites.  For example, certain META tags can be used to show the title, description and image to show on Facebook when somebody shares your page on Facebook.  Very useful!

There is a great guide on what different META tags are available over at Search Engine Watch.

Your website person should include META tags on every page and every article.  Many default installations of WordPress and Joomla sites do not have <description></description> tags included so you need to check that your website has them included.

Next, you should dictate what every single page says for the the title and description at minimum.  Your website is your brand... make it say what you want.  It is not a big change for a website person to make.  Changing a title or description tag literally takes seconds to change per page.

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